Here are the few videos of me talking about philosophy available online:-

Only the Death of God Can Save Us – given at the Newcastle Philosophy Society Cafe Philosophique in January 2012

Ariadne’s Thread: Temporality, Modality, and Individuation in Deleuze’s Metaphysics – given at Manchester Metropolitan University in March 2012

Technocracy and Classless Society – given remotely at the Incredible Machines conference in March 2014.

The Noumenon Unclothed – given remotely with Fixing the Future in April 2015.

PAF Seminars (Get Reassembled, August 2014)

Freedom, Reason, and AGI

Desire, Autonomy, and Capital

Beauty, Justice, and Acceleration

The Inhuman Symposium (Kassel, May 2015)

The Reformatting of Homo Sapiens



2 Responses to “Video”

  1. […] that I have a whole two videos online, I’ve created a new page to index them. Hopefully there’ll be some more of these put up at some […]

  2. […] paper on the overall shape of Deleuze’s metaphysics (see the Other Work section, or the Video section). It’s wonderful to find someone commenting so perspicuously on work I thought […]

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