Here is the finished version of the thesis I submitted. For various reasons, I’m less than happy with it, and plan to substantially revise certain bits of it (notably part of chapter 4 and the conclusion) once I’ve had a bit of a break from it. Till then, the full thing is available for anyone who is interested. I’ve also left up the previous draft for posterity, which is available below.

The Question of Being: Heidegger and BeyondSubmission Version (final)

Previous Version

Introduction: The Renewal of the Question – v1.0

Chapter 1: What is the Question of Being? – v1.0

Chapter 2: Meaning and Understanding – v1.0

Chapter 3: Truth and Being – v1.0

Chapter 4: Heidegger’s Failure – v1.0


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  1. […] I have now submitted my thesis, albeit in a form I’m less than happy with. No doubt the viva will force me to revise some bits of it, and I will most likely revise even more of it when I’ve had a bit of break, but, for now, you can grab the full thing here. […]

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