Important Posts

The posts below provide a good introduction to a number of my ideas. It must be noted that they were written at a variety of different times, and that as with anyone, my opinions (and certainly my terminology) change. I can’t flag all of these changes, so all I can ask is that readers approach them with an amount of exegetical charity. If you find apparent inconsistencies between things I’ve written, you should generally favour the newer piece.

These posts go a good way to articulating my approach towards normativity and its importance in my work.

Normativity and Ontology

Normativity and Rationality

Dissecting Norms (this one is very long)

Rational Animals? (on Speculative Heresy)

Back From the Dead

For the Love of Spinoza

These two posts provide some interesting background to my more programmatic concerns with the history of philosophy.

Metaphysics After Heidegger

Critique and Correlationism

These two posts put forward some more of my in depth theoretical concerns with regard to ontology, metaphysics, and their relation to science. I will point out that since ‘The Question of Being’, I’ve started using the term ‘metaphysics’ and ‘ontology’ in the opposite way. For my considered opinion on the matter, take a look at my Essay on Transcendental Realism.

The Question of Being

Eliminativism and the Real

Stranger than Fiction

These posts on Deleuze seem to be popular, so they can go here too.

Deleuze, Spinoza and Univocity

Deleuze: Some Common Misunderstandings

Deleuze: The Song of Sufficient Reason (part 1, part 2) – I will write a part 3 at some point, but it hasn’t materialised yet.

The Plane of Immanence (not just on Deleuze, but relevant)

Here are some more programmatic posts on the state of academic philosophy and academia more generally.

The Systemic Problems of Contemporary Academia

Burning Bridges

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