Freedom, Beauty, and Justice (via the Accelerationism Workshop)

As many of you will already know, there was a small workshop on the theme of accelerationism at Goldsmith’s earlier this month, at which myself and a few others spoke. Despite two out of five speakers having to pull out on short notice due to illness, the workshop went very well, and I was rather pleased with the talks and the discussion that ensued after them. However, given the absence of those speakers, we didn’t really come close to defining ‘accelerationism’, which is still a nebulous term, even if it connects many things that we were all interested in. For this and other reasons, not everyone was happy having the talks and discussion recorded and put online.

However, I’m quite happy to make my own talk available, as it does a good job of connecting various things I’ve discussed on this blog over the last couple years, most importantly my concerns with the concepts of Freedom, Beauty, and Justice, and the connections between them. The talk also contains some quick remarks on the critique of liberalism, but I didn’t have the time to develop these in the depth I’d like. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to work all this up into a more coherent and detailed piece at some point. For now, you’ll just have to listen to this.


6 Responses to “Freedom, Beauty, and Justice (via the Accelerationism Workshop)”

  1. […] I must apologise for the lack of a follow up report on the Accelerationism Workshop in May. The response to its announcement and to Alex and Nick’s Accelerate Manifesto was rather more extensive than any of us predicted, and has taken a while to process. There were also a number of issues with the event, including the last minute withdrawal of two speakers (Alex and Ben) due to sickness. Combined with some recording problems, this means that the only available record of the event is a recording of my paper on Freedom, Beauty and Justice. […]

  2. […] que cada vez más se está llamando el pensamiento “aceleracionista de izquierda” (Organicé el segundo workshop sobre aceleracionismo en Goldsmiths,  publiqué el manifestó #Accelerate en la twittersphere, y tuve una pequeña […]

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    Freedom, Beauty, and Justice (via the Accelerationism Workshop) | Deontologistics

  4. […] haven’t been widely available till now. This is despite the fact that I organised the second Accelerationism Workshop at Goldsmiths, was involved in putting together #ACCELERATE: The Accelerationism Reader, and, […]

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