I normally don’t post images on the blog, but I’ve just realised that I now have some diagrams of my own to put up. Here’s the two diagrams from my essay, suitably inverted to match the decor, just to wet the appetite of anyone who hasn’t taken a look at it yet.

First, the outline of my taxonomy of truth.

Second, my partitioning of the set of truth claims (i.e., those things we take to be true).


2 Responses to “Diagrams”

  1. […] posted up the talks available from the recent Transcendental Realism conference – including his own diagrams. My own paper is in a .docx format at Pete’s blog, so a more universal PDF file is available […]

  2. […] ties into the taxonomy of truth I’ve put forward elsewhere (see here, and my TR essay for details), although the fact that truth is itself a kind of correctness makes […]

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